The Wanting

I can’t not want you. The sound of you, the scent of you, the smug look that you wear on your face because you know that I can’t not want you all fill me with the need to touch you, to taste you, and to take you inside me.

To me, you are perfect despite your scars and memories that sometimes make loving anyone more difficult for you. You’re perfect because you’re pure in your imperfection and would sacrifice yourself to save me from harm, even if the harm could come from loving you.

I’ve told myself that I “deserve” more or better than what you have to give but that’s society talking. That’s what I’ve been trained to think. You asked me if I regretted any of our time together and the answer is no. What you give me is adoration, care, and your sincere desire to be close to me and only me and, for now, that’s enough.

Author: Tomi Dean Lynch

I'm a romance author and relationship blogger who hails from the garden state! I lovingly reminisce about growing up in New Jersey in the 1980s and often incorporate the decade in my work. I am a lover of art, erotica, animals, flowers, coffee, and wine. I think coffee should have been first on the list! If you're looking for honest talk and steamy romance (in the books! I hardly know you!), I'm your girl!

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