How to know when a relationship is over

Life in 2021 is hard. We’re facing unprecedented changes to our routines and priorities. We’ve suffered losses that range from daily inconveniences to significant trauma like illness or the loss of loved ones. Stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high. If you’re lucky, this outside pressure has brought you closer to your lover but for many of us, anxiety has placed an added strain on our relationships. How do you know if your relationship issues are real or just pandemic side effects?  According to Psychology Today, there are telltale signs that it’s time to end a relationship.

For women:

You no longer feel an emotional connection

If you are no longer comfortable being open and sharing your deep feelings with your partner, you  may be masking your vulnerability. For a relationship to thrive, both partners need to feel safe sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings.

There is no longer trust in the relationship

Lost trust is a very hard thing to rebuild. If your partner has broken your trust and, even though you’ve forgiven them, you find yourself second guessing their words and actions, your relationship may be over.

You no longer desire sex with your partner

Physical attraction is very important in a relationship and a lack of intimacy can be crippling.  If you’re no longer physically attracted to your partner, it may be time to move on.

You’re finding other people more attractive and may be tempted to cheat

If you’re suddenly sizing up your partners potential competition and a wandering eye is outside of your character, you may be over your relationship.

You argue all the time or don’t bother to argue at all

It’s normal for people to argue sometimes. Disagreeing on everything, however, is a red flag. If you can’t agree on anything, you may not have enough in common to keep your relationship afloat. If you are hurt or angered by your partner but feel that the effort involved in resolving the conflict isn’t worth it, you may be done with your relationship.

For Men:

You no longer have fun

You’re partner no longer makes you laugh. You no longer enjoy the same things and you no longer look forward to spending time with your lover.

You no longer chase your partner

Men want to be with someone of value. They thrive on chasing and winning a quality partner but the chase doesn’t end when you become a couple. You continue to date your mate. You surprise them with gifts and flowers. This is how you keep the chase on. If you’ve become too comfortable and stopped chasing your partner, you may have lost interest.

Your partner is a hindrance to your life goals

Perhaps she finds your goals too lofty and not ground in reality. Maybe, she expects you to spend all of your time with her and time spent pursuing your goals is met with animosity. If your partner doesn’t support your dreams, it’s time to part ways.

For both men and women:

You have no desire to work on your relationship problems and no longer consider your partners feelings or take pleasure in hurting them. At this point, ending the relationship may be the only option.

Author: Tomi Dean Lynch

I'm a romance author and relationship blogger who hails from the garden state! I lovingly reminisce about growing up in New Jersey in the 1980s and often incorporate the decade in my work. I am a lover of art, erotica, animals, flowers, coffee, and wine. I think coffee should have been first on the list! If you're looking for honest talk and steamy romance (in the books! I hardly know you!), I'm your girl!

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