A Lovely Reunion

No matter how many years pass or how many times our respective lives change I find myself perpetually drawn back to the same man. We’ve never had a relationship in the traditional sense and the odds are very much against that ever happening but we are tried and true friends to the point that the term “soul mates” frequently crosses my mind.

During our friendship (with benefits) he has ventured off in to relationships with other women and I, being chronically single by choice, back away. My intent has always been to let him find happiness and completion if it’s out there for him. We keep in touch but I keep my distance so my presence in his life doesn’t muddy the waters. I have no doubt that if any woman became jealous of me and told him to chose between us, he would send her packing. Since he’s younger than me and marriage and children could still be possible for him, I don’t want to stand in his way. The problem is that he always seems to chose partners with whom he is destined to fail to the point that I often wonder if he’s purposefully setting himself up for that inevitable failure.

He’s been single again for several months now and we jumped right back in to our thing. The attraction between us is mystifying. I have never wanted to be with a man so much before in my life. The spark never fades no matter how much we grow and change.

We live a good distance apart and since I needed to be in his town for work this week, I went to see him. I would spend the night at his place so that I could attend an early morning meeting a few miles from his place. From the moment I walked through the door I could tell that something was different. The sexual tension was seeping from his pores like the visible fumes around a gas pump. It was heavy and almost unsettling.

He surprised me with a primal and aggressive advance that was completely unlike him and I melted in to it like it was the thing that I’d been waiting for all of my adult life. Our intimacy was wild and rough and I was overwhelmed by his level of passion. Then, things took another interesting turn. By his urging, we touched more intimately and sensually than we ever had before and slept in each others arms.

I don’t know what this evolution means for us but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes! If it continues, I might find myself rethinking my chronically single status and giving that “real relationship” idea more thought.

New Release Coming Soon

Heartbreak High is a dark high school romance set in Los Angeles, California. Meena is a Jersey girl who finds herself immersed in the glamorous and often seedy lifestyle of the LA teens when her aunt, entertainment lawyer, Tess Harlow takes custody of her after the death of her mother. There are many words that can be used to describe Tess Harlow, but role model is not one of them.

Jake Aldridge is the son of a has been actor who makes a hobby of marrying and divorcing rich LA women. His fathers penchant for failed marriages lands Jake in a new house and school every few years.

Meena is different from the other girls at Heartbreak High, as the kids call it. She’s earthy, athletic, and quiet and Jake is instantly attracted to her.

Meena finds Jake’s bad boy persona enticing and can’t resist his good looks and charm so the two begin a steamy relationship almost instantly.

In a world of sex, money and excess a stable relationship is the thing of fairy tales and it doesn’t take long for these two to encounter trouble in their private paradise.

With no solid role models and superficial friends, how can they possibly correct their course and find a way to be happy together? Is it even worth it to try?